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wash away my colors
you take all of the pain away
welcome to wash away my colors. we are a no word count, freestyle app supernatural creatures rp. situated in the fictional town of Eastley in washington, usa. please register like so: FIRST M. LAST. our avatar is sized 250x400px, no exceptions.

no current bans.
10/19 - our second activity check has been posted here please check it out and post to keep your character safe.

10/16 - Happy two months WAMC, thank you wonderful members for making this a great place to be.

09/29 - it's time to nominate your favorites for our first spotlight! see this thread for more details.

09/16 - our first activity check has been posted here! don't forget to post in it to save your characters!

09/13 - it is now October/November on the site, moving us forward a month! please make note of this when starting new threads.

08/26 - Halloween on WAMC! there are two forums to take part in, a general Halloween thread, and a frat party on campus.

08/16 - we are officially open! welcome to the site, and we hope you stick around.

07/21 - we are currently in construction!

It is currently Fall 2017 in the months of October and November meaning that school is in session and has been since mid-August. Most days will be mild, though will be more cool toward the end of October, with overnight temperatures dropping to 53°F and lower. They will remain the same throughout November, with temperatures dropping lower toward the end of the month, bringing with it greater chances of ice and snow in place of rain.

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